Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Gift Redeemer app for?

Gift Redeemer is designed for small business owners and operators who currently use Clover for their physical point-of-sale system and BigCommerce for their e-commerce platform.

What problem does Gift Redeemer solve?

Customers expect that when they purchase a digital gift card, they can bring it to a physical location and use it to make purchases. However, many businesses have different platforms running their physical store and their e-commerce store. Gift Redeemer integrates the two platforms and makes the gift certificate experience seamless for both the customer and the retailer.

Where are the digital gift certificates actually stored?

Gift certificates are created and tracked in your BigCommerce store. BigCommerce is the source of truth for balances. Learn more about how Gift Redeemer works.

What if the customer's gift certificate balance is not enough to cover the purchase?

Since Clover supports multiple tenders for a single transaction, the existing balance will be applied to the transaction, and the customer will have the option of paying the remainder with any other payment method.

How do refunds work?

Gift Redeemer provides an interface for managing gift certificate balances from the Clover device. The retailer can look up gift certificates by their code, and input a new balance.

How much does Gift Redeemer cost?

Gift Redeemer costs $10/month, billed through the Clover App Market. It will appear as a line item on your Clover invoice.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes! Gift Redeemer offers a free 30-day trial period.