Gift Redeemer User Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Gift Redeemer Works
  3. Install
  4. Uninstall
  5. Getting Help


Gift Redeemer will add a new payment option to your Clover POS system in the Register and Sale apps, enabling you to redeem the gift certificates that you issue on your BigCommerce store.

Additionally, you can update the values of gift certificates independently of the checkout process, for issuing refunds, correcting errors, or any other purpose.

Gift Redeemer screenshot of code entry Gift Redeemer screenshot of transaction

How Gift Redeemer Works

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Diagram showing how Gift Redeemer works
The Gift Redeemer transaction.

  1. Customers purchase gift certificates for themselves or for others, from your business's online BigCommerce-powered store.
  2. The bearer of the gift certificate enters your brick-and-morter retail location.
  3. The cashier enters the gift certificate's code into the Clover point-of-sale system to complete the purchase. The gift certificate's value is automatically debited.


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This guide assumes that you have already installed Gift Redeemer from the Clover App Market, and you already have a login to BigCommerce.

Gift Redeemer needs your permission before it can access your BigCommerce store. You will give Gift Redeemer permission by generating an Access Token and entering it into Gift Redeemer. You only need to do this once when you first install Gift Redeemer.

You need 2 pieces of data from BigCommerce: your Store Hash and your Access Token.

First, log into your BigCommerce store's control panel and on the left side choose Advanced Settings and then API Accounts. Then choose Create API Account.

1. Advanced Settings
2. API Accounts
3. Create API Account

Name your new API Key something like "Gift Redeemer" and then choose what the token will be allowed to control in your BigCommerce store. Look in the API Path field, and write down your Store Hash. This is the first of the two pieces of information you need. You need to set Information & Settings to read-only and the Marketing permission to modify. All the other permissions are not needed.

API Key Permissions

Press Save, and you will be show the new API Key. Save these codes somewhere safe. They are as sensitive as a password. Here is where you will get the second piece of information: the Access Token.

The new API Key

Now, we are going to put the API Key into Gift Redeemer. You should already have Gift Redeemer installed on your Clover device. Open the Gift Redeemer app and, on the main menu, press Configure.

Gift Redeemer Main Menu
Gift Redeemer Configuration

Type in the Access Token from BigCommerce.

Press Save, and Gift Redeemer will confirm that it can contact your BigCommerce store. If there is any problem, a message will be presented with details on what went wrong. Usually, the problem will be that the code was not entered correctly, or your Clover device is not connected to the internet.

Finally as the last step, press Install Tender Type. This creates a button for Gift Redeemer in Clover's Register app, which allows you to process transactions through Gift Redeemer.

Make yourself a gift certificate in the BigCommerce dashboard and try it out! You just have to enter the gift certificate's code into Gift Redeemer during the sale via the Register app, and you can confirm that the balance of the gift certificate was reduced by the transaction amount in the BigCommerce dashboard.

If you have any problems at all with this process, please don't hesitate to get in touch! You can always send us a message at or call 641-715-3900 ext. 286628.


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Launch Gift Redeemer from the launcher, tap Configure, and then Uninstall Tender Type. Then, you can uninstall the app as usual.

Getting Help

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For support, please call 641-715-3900 ext. 286628 or email